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World and internet is full of textual information. We search for information using textual queries, we read websites, books, e-mails. All those are strings from the point of view of computer science. To make sense of all that information and make search efficient, search engines use many string algorithms. Moreover, the emerging field of personalized medicine uses many search algorithms to find disease-causing mutations in the human genome. In this online course you will learn key pattern matching concepts: tries, suffix trees, suffix arrays and even the Burrows-Wheeler transform....




Very good course. String algorithms are very important in day today life and one should really know how to solve command problems related to it. This course have described everything so well.



course content was great but i personally feels some difficulties in the implementation part so the course is meant to be more implementation oriented . thank you for the wondorful course


文字列アルゴリズム: 151 - 175 / 175 レビュー

by Long C


great course!

by Carlos D R S


Está perro

by Sai M M



by Padmakumar N


Very Good

by Ayush S



by Dániel G


I am hesitating whether I should give 3 or 4. The lecture is really great in itself. However, it the first half the pseudo codes have errors and the grading system is clumsy. I use C# and it uses a really really old compiler. Pavel is great, relatively easy to follow. On the other hand week3, week4 were really hard to follow. Instead, the pseudo code here were perfect. So as I have mixed feelings and struggles I gave 3.

by Jenna W


Continuing a steep curve, but I feel some of the assignments and psuedo-code are not as well explained in these lectures as in earlier ones.

by Fabrice L


This module is a little less interesting than the other ones. Also the explanations are a bit more messy and not as thorough.

by Abhinov M


The week 4 part of the course is quite unclear. Code to find LPS array and construct tree is not explained.

by Harsh V


The instructor for the first two weeks doesn't explain stuff well. Last two weeks are great in comparison.



This course could be more interactive, so we can gain more confidence on the explained algorithms.

by John B


Quite a few times the algorithms were poorly explained, with incomplete or misleading pseudocode.

by Praveer D


KMP Algorithm not explained well. Initial few lectures on BWT were very fast.

by Lev S


I think last week was too complex and not that exciting.

by Mykhailo M


Hard to understand and examples are not clear.

by Nishinoya


Need to be explained more nicely

by Grigoriy O


Very difficult test programs

by Alexander M



by Bohdan S


This is not what I expected. The first half is so poorly explained and serves the only purpose is to advertise another course on Bioinformatics which I hate already. The second part is so-so. I had an impression that the lecturer doesn't know the topic himself as he'd continue to read the slides from somewhere else, and thus it looked like mumbling. The organizers even failed to provide few links for further studying on the topic.

by Arpit V


The explanation of suffix arrays and suffix trees could have been more slow and details explanation. I still had to refer videos on youtube to understand those.

by Ilya E


Sometimes explanations in lectures are hardly understandable and examples are not very descriptive. I had search more clear explanation by himself.

by Artem O


препод нудный, запинается, местами вообще непонятно

by 20-IT-031Ayush K



by Roger T


Tests are broken and discussion forum doesn't even load. I spent tens of hours troubleshooting solutions to the programming assignment to no avail. As a sanity check, I tried solutions from textbooks and well-established libraries that still did not pass the tests. I wasted a ton of time and cannot get a refund from a course that can't be passed (at least not in my language). The entire specialization was already disappointing, but I endured 3 full courses (answering all questions) before getting stuck on the broken tests of 'Algorithms on Strings'. If you're here for Data Structures and Algorithms, skip Coursera and just grind Leetcode. There's not a 10 min feedback loop due to under-provisioned code running services (that don't properly handle type annotations) and their tests are actually accurate.

by Abhishek J


The course doesn't offer any explanation. One has to dig too much into google search for understanding as instructor has take weird example of panamabananas that is just difficult to understand. I won't recommend this course to anyone