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By nature, cyber conflicts are an international issue that span across nation-state borders. By the end of the course, you will be able to apply the knowledge gained for analysis and management of international cyber incidents and conflicts including for activities such as development of policy related to cybercrime and cyberwarfare. Management of cyber incidents and conflicts requires an interdisciplinary perspective including an understanding of: 1) characteristics of the cyber threats and conflicts themselves, 2) international efforts to reduce and improve cyber security, and 3) psychological and sociopolitical factors. The course is designed to reach an international audience and will encourage discussion on relevant current events among participants to enrich the experience with various personal and cultural perspectives on cutting-edge issues. In addition, assignments and other assessments will supplement video lectures and selected readings to ensure application of the material. After taking this course you will be able to: • Identify different types of actors involved in cyber threats (individuals, organizations & nation-states) • Distinguish between different types of threats and issues in cyber security including, data theft, political espionage, critical infrastructure protection, and propaganda • Detail the basic characteristics of the Internet infrastructure and international efforts to address Internet governance • List several international efforts to address cyber crime and espionage • Evaluate how principals that govern international conflicts might be applied in context of cyber security • Apply different psychological theories of human motivation and cooperation and communication and political theories in analysis of different international issues related to cyber security including censorship, media operations and role of social technologies. Grading: Your grade is assessed based on discussion posts and quizzes. Individual taking this course for credit (i.e. students at the University at Albany y will be required to engage in additional activities communicated to them directly). Recommended Background: No background knowledge or skills are necessary, but an understanding and familiarity of cyber security, Internet infrastructure and international law would be advantageous for anyone who participates in the course. ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS Ersin Dincelli and Nic DePaula were the instructional designers for the course who assisted in the recording of the videos, reviewing material, creating slides, assessments and some of the content. Without their tremendous effort this would not have been possible. We also acknowledge the financial support for the recordings from the University at Albany as well as the support from Media and Marketing. Finally, thanks to Lisa Stephens who is the SUNY liaison to Coursera for being a strong supporter of the MOOC....




Professor Goel Delivered the basics and complexities on why International Cyber Conflicts occuring. Needs to cover the recent Cyber conflict between Russia Ukraine and NATO



Great course! Learned a lot about Cyber Warfare and how countries can build up trust and cooperation between themselves to tackle third party threats in the cyberspace.


International Cyber Conflicts: 26 - 50 / 321 レビュー

by Wilfredo B


This is a very worthy experience and worth sharing. I would like to say thank you Coursera and the State University of New York for the opportunity of learning extended not only to me but to many who are hungry for knowledge especially in this kind of issue.

by Esra K


It was a very comprehensive course with knowledge on IT, international treaties and bodies, and even psychology. I really recommend this course! And do not forget to join the discussions, because they were really thought-provoking. Thanks for the course.

by Sanderson A


There are many people (Nations) who still do not understand that the real world has gradually shifted into the virtual world. This course is a starting point where people (Nations) can start to easily implement CBMs for the betterment of tomorrow.

by Uzair S


A Great Course to understand the Cyber Conflicts issue. Highly recommend to individuals learning Cyber security or planning to go in that direction. Thank you to the Course Team for making the material easy to understand and interactive lessons !!

by Alvin B


I love it. My job allows me to take any class online because for 12 hours a day six days a week I can just take classes. Because I'm getting my degree in intelligence studies this course was a great start to get my certificates in cybersecurity.

by sankara b


This course - analyses the Cyberworld - and what it is there for the people of the world. Very well compiled syllabus, course contents and assigment/quizzes. Thanks to the Professors of State University of NewYork as well as Coursera.



It was a very detailed course, and is particularly relevant for the modern vulnerable times. The course content and flow kept me hooked and I was able to finish the course in a day. I now have a better understanding of cyber conflicts.

by Rahim D


A balanced course that eases you into the world of cyber conflict within the global context. Enjoyed the lectures (for the most part)...appreciated the insight and additional reading material - lots to continue to digest and learn.

by Daniel O


The course brings the reality of experiencing the problems and conflicts faced on a daily basis, bringing the context and reflection on how to improve our defenses and contribute with new ideas to combat these cybernetic invasions

by Raha D C G


Nice Course taken..this topic will open the minds of internation students on trust between countries, confidence building measures, social norms, and others things. 5 stars on this very imformative topic

by Ivan G V


Ha sido un curso excelente y agradezco a los académicos de la SUNY por este espectacular trabajo. Ojalá en el futuro hagan un programa más extensivo y profundo sobre la cyberpolítca. Mis Felicitaciones.

by Verónica L u



by Hermilo G L


It is very interesting the course as an introduction and to see the origin of cyber conflicts or attacks between several countries, and it is important to look for how they can be controlled

by Jan P C


Professor Goel Delivered the basics and complexities on why International Cyber Conflicts occuring. Needs to cover the recent Cyber conflict between Russia Ukraine and NATO

by Leedia P


Great course! Learned a lot about Cyber Warfare and how countries can build up trust and cooperation between themselves to tackle third party threats in the cyberspace.

by Agustin C L


Impecable. Me brindo conocimientos muy utiles para el futuro del derecho entorno a los conflictos internacionales que han ocurrido y hoy en dia ocurren cada vez mas.

by Rami A S A


Best regards. The course is very wonderful. The explanation is excellent and beautiful. I learned and benefited. Thank you for this wonderful and beautiful course.

by Alejandro M R


Es una excelente opción para conocer lo relacionado a los conflictos que se presentan entre las naciones a través de Internet, ciberguerra y ciberdelincuencia

by Matt K


Very informative - bridges the gap between geo-politics and the internet, and presents the struggles and solutions we have at maintaining peace among nations

by Holger M


It was a course that it filled some knowledge gaps, you should start a new chapter related to cyber conflict and how to avoid any threat or recognize them.



I have been looking for a course that address the issues of cyber conflict and came across this course. It is very comprehensive and beginner friendly.

by Kirsten H


Whilst some of the required reading links didn't work that didn't really detract from this excellent little course. I enjoyed it and learnt a lot.

by Henry J A T


Excellent instructors, very interesting subject and great learning experience. Highly recommended Course for those aiming to master this subject.

by Beka K


I wish there should be a more detailed and broadened bulletins of particular and concrete cases about cyber conflicts throughout the whole world.

by Akifa A


It was an excellent has w course to introduce about basics of international cyber law.The instructor has explained all the contents effectively.