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Do you want to develop skills to prototype embedded products using state-of-the-art technologies? In this course you will build a hardware and software development environment to guide your journey through the Internet of Things specialization courses. We will use the DragonBoard™ 410c single board computer (SBC). This is the first in a series of courses where you will learn both the theory and get the hands-on development practice needed to prototype Internet of Things products. This course is suitable for a broad range of learners. This course is for you if: - You want to learn how to use learn how to use Linux for embedded purposes. - You want to pivot your career towards the design and development of Internet of Things enabled products - You are an entrepreneur, innovator or member of a DIY community Learning Goals: After completing this course, you will be able to: 1) Know where you can find resources and help in the 96Boards ecosystem. 2) Describe the DragonBoard™ 410c peripherals, I/O expansion capabilities, Compute (CPU and Graphics) capabilities, and Connectivity capabilities. 3) Understand how to navigate and make use of the Linux terminal. 4) Configure at least one integrated development environment (IDE) for developing software. 5) Make use of Git and GitHub for version control purposes. 6) Create and build projects that interface with sensors and actuators through GPIO and Arduino....



Internet of Things V2: DragonBoard™ bring up and community ecosystem: 1 - 8 / 8 レビュー

by Adam S


Worst course I have taken on Coursera to date. Very amateurish, repetitive, and low quality. It also seems like it might be a commercial/advertisement for the products being used in the course.

by Gary F


This course has lots of serious problems. I wanted to quit so many times. I still give it A two-star rating since I realize it's only failed to state its hidden prerequisites. Had you met the untold and pretty high bar of prerequisites, then this course is valuable and definately worth 2 to 3 stars.

This course is disorganized, fragmented, unstructured and throws absolutely everything at you. Some contents are repeative, unwanted, unnecessary. Getting the hardware is a problem. There are also traps such that they would make you to install the OS yourself, then teach you everything about the board, then show all the right ways that you could install OS's at the end. They would teach you about GPIOs and assign you homework, and at the very end, tell you how not use GPIOs to avoid damaging your board. They would quiz you things not taught in the lecture and hold you hostage until you give the exact string answers they are looking for, and all these on obsolete topics.

Despite all these, you can endure this course if you are determined.

by Javier P M


A totally intermediate-advanced level course. Not easy but if you manage to grasp all its knowledge (this is actually the foundations for any board applied to IoT), you'll be on the clear for any implementation on following courses.Heads up: quizzes are a bit hard and not so straight forward as others, and there has been continuous improvement in this due to some have had bugs. Be sure to get in touch with the course team if you're struggling too hard.

by David T


I liked most of the class except for the 3rd quiz. The answers were very difficult to match. Sometimes the answer is just the method name with no parameters, then on another question the parameters are required. I feel that this third quiz is a bottle neck for many people.

by Javier P C


I did not like the quiz number 3, I tried many options and I did not find the answer, I spent several days and could not answer those questions and the forum of questions does not work as it should be.

by Shahbaz Z


Good initiative but little hard to understand quiz, because those are out of the box, but what they are teaching is very clear and easy to understand.

by Jacques P


A bit better quality here, but some quiz are tricky to answer without help. Some questions would be better implemented with a choice of answers. Interesting material, good exercises. It seems there is no support from the teachers.



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