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In a recent Stack Overflow survey, Node.js was used by about 50% of the developers who answered the survey, making it the most used server-side technology. Express ranked as the fourth most popular web technology overall, making it the most popular server-side web framework. In this course, you will focus on Node.js and Express. Specifically, you will - develop applications using asynchronous callbacks and promises - create REST APIs and perform CRUD operations - implement authentication and session management Throughout the course, you will complete numerous hands-on labs to gain practical experience. At the end of the course, you will demonstrate your Node skills with a final project to build your portfolio. This course will help you succeed as a back-end or full-stack developer. It suits those in IT looking to step up in their careers or new graduates seeking to establish their server-side skills. This course suits those who need to manage cloud-centric projects. Note: This course requires knowledge of JavaScript and Git....




This was a really good basic course to understand Node.js and React but individuals need to scaffold this learning with more reading on advanced concepts such as State Management and Hooks.



Very helpful course to learn cloud apps full stack development, from backend with Node.js, Express to frontend with React, ES6, and practical projects on IBM Cloud.


Developing Cloud Apps with Node.js and React: 1 - 25 / 61 レビュー

by bishal g


Required IBM cloud account which is not free ( trial expired ) and it needs you to link your credit card.

by Ammar A B


Please IBM! Listen to me. Hire one single instructor with some presentation skills who knows ins and outs of IBM Cloud. For example, there is a website called webflow university, there is one instructor which explains all concepts nicely. Presentation slides with background voice does not work.

This course gives very less information. There is no instructor. All the videos consist of slides. It is disappointing to get such work from a company like IBM having massive revenue. Please IBM, improve it.

by Wilton W


not sure what is this module for, definitely not for beginners with node.js . moreover it's also badly structured, the final lab expects you to master node.js without being taught in the course.

by Sasha


The amount of typos and grammar mistakes for a paid course under the name IBM is just unacceptable

by Christopher W


There's too much going on with this course and the actual videos only really scratch the surface. That's fine - there should be some self-led study - but the knowledge gap between the taught elements and the peer review assignment is too broad in my humble opinion. I had a good understanding of Node.js going into the course and it did add value in places (which is great). I think it would just be better if the React part was left out and that this course focused on vanilla js - just to make sure that the basics are well understood.

by Brian B


Explaining Node.JS without explaining Operating Systems is asinine. You can't just use terminology, like blocking and single threaded, without explaining those concepts to beginners

by Farzan B


The instructions are not attractive enough and do not get into many necessary details. In addition, the lab environment has numerous bugs, including buggy terminal view and opening multiple file tabs. Furthermore, the user has to create an IBM cloud with US selected as the country, otherwise the project cannot be pushed because the space automatically switches to another region other than us-south and cannot be changed after.

by Belen


The course is very high level throughout the weekly instruction, and for the final project, you need to learn everything else by yourself about react and IBM NLU from the documentation.

by Melania R


React is hard topic -- not enough hand-on project to make user really understand the topic -- as the result a lot of participant not sure what to do with the final project -- the instruction was not that clear too in the part that participant need to write a few methods

by Pedro M


There are a lot of things that you need to do for improvment; the final lab has a lot of bugs, I spended to much time in forum trying to get an answer, and I think is wrong that the reviews to get pass the course is checked by other students, why? my first attempt after finally make the app works another student give me a bad review, I don't know if he or she don't know what to check in the code because you need to be more especific with every detaill what they need to check, remember that there are student that take this course from 0. If you want to compare check the course Google IT Automation with Python, the quality is 10 times better or more, the examples of each topic and the methodology to get pass each course I think is better, also has some bugs but not to common.

by Wenslaus K


The whole Specilization is vague. I just didnt enjoy it all

by Dan C


Probably would be better off following a free tutorial on youtube. There is some merit to the course but it's poorly paced, relies on very limited free-trail IBM cloud access which has some features changed or removed since the class was first implemented and some elements are simply broken or no longer supported. Most sections really feel lacking from what you would expect from a company as large as and with as many resources as IBM.

by Rafael R Z


This course is not for begginers, there is not proper guidance about NodeJs and React, the examples and mainly the final project assume you basically known everything about both.

by Yael M


worst course I have ever envountered!!

by Ali O Ü


Nice course, especially express.js is not widely known for developers. This course has definitions presented technologies with videos. That's awesome.

by Aco V


Great course. The only reason I marked it with 4 stars rather than 5 is, I found the assignment a bit too advanced, compared to the topics learned in the course - that is the node.js part. In order to do the node.js programming part of the assignment one should know much more than what was given in this course. At least for me.

by Natasha Y T


The content covers majority concepts of Node.js, but it did not teach much about React. The final project requires React knowledge, which could be very challenging for some students who do not have React experience.

by David B


This is a fairly short course, that is one good thing to say. Another is that the course staff are generally fairly quick to respond. But there the good ends. Of all the IBM courses in the specialization, this was the poorest.

The topic is either very difficult (and I was never sure throughout this that NodeJS& React wasnt a design mish mash of an old concept pathced with so much sticking plaster it was almost incdeciperable ) or the course was woefully inadeqaute to teach it. The videos were superficial and glossed over a lot of complicated stuff very quickly, at times I completely lost the thread of ideas being communicated and wondered if I had nodded off and missed a bit of it. Rewinding assured me I hadnt!

The techncial quality of the instruction too was much thinner than the rest of the course - many typos, and lacking depth of explanation - sometimes telling one waht to do but lacking and explanation as to why.

The web based development environment - which was tempramental in the other courses prevented me from actually completing this as required by the course guide, and I needed to knife and fork a solution. I could only do that becuase I had taken most of the subsequent courses before I did this one (out of order).

The discussion forum are packed with others with the same problems I had. The problems are not new and havent been fixed - most advice was of the 'turn it off and on again' variety! And the advice from staff in response was contradictory, and indeed set me back a lot as it erronously caused me to edit the wrong file - one that was needed later in the course!

Bottom line from me is that if you want to complete the specalization then dont take this course early on in the set - if I had I'd have given up to be honest! If you can - avoid it until they rewrite it

by nyki j


Horrible. 0/10 Do not recommend. The final lab is the worse. You can follow all the instructions you want. it will not work. You will never push the app to cloud foundry and the moderators just copy and paste responses. Claiming it works for them but doesnt work for anyone else and send screen shots with no way to verify if its you app they claiming to work for them. -1/10 DON'T RECOMMEND.

by Nixon P


I could learn a little due to the constant repetition on the videos, but overall, I didn't like the course structure, and to put the icing on the cake, the final project didn't have more than half of the instructions, so I needed to watch the "optional" videos to get a hang of what was going on

by shiv m


React.js and Node.js learning are very Rushed and IBM does not work after 1 month free trial. Also 6 months code throws an error.

by Valerie R


To fast, not personal enough. And IBM Lite account doesn't work without a resource group.

by Kevin M


Very well informative course, i would recommend for anyone wanting to learn Node.js and React. The course provides a good outline from where to start to where to finish accompanied by a course project at the end that really engages the mind into doing what has been covered in the course and get to work with IBM Cloud, which again is a great cloud platform.

by A Y


Most challenging module so far of the IBM Full Stack Cloud Certificate. This course is not for beginner. It took me quite some time to finish the final project. Grateful for the experience though. 4 down. 6 more to go.

by Mohamed I


This was a really good basic course to understand Node.js and React but individuals need to scaffold this learning with more reading on advanced concepts such as State Management and Hooks.