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After having followed Privacy in the Western world you have become acquainted with the overall global legal system and the origins of privacy as a concept as well as privacy as a (human) right. This course deals with the American legal system to protect privacy. In the USA privacy is protected through different legal concepts. Constitutional protection through the 4th Amendment plays a crucial role in protecting the US citizen against unjust governmental intrusion. As part of a myriad of consumer protection laws (e.g. health, financial) personal data is also protected. And last but not least there are a number of specific laws dealing with the (privacy) protection of all sorts of communications, such as mobile telephony, e-mail, online searches, etc. The course deals with the main legal concepts in such a way that the learner will, after having successfully completed the course, be able to follow the legal developments in the USA. We hope you enjoy the course!...



Privacy in the USA: 1 - 13 / 13 レビュー

by Chak K C


The course is not unuseful, but the leanring method is problematic. Answers to questions of Quiz 1 (after Week 2) are found in Week 3 and 4, and the issue is left unresolved for at least 8 months (judging from the discussion forum)

I had to google to pass the quiz as the names mentioned in the questions were not even mentioned in week 2 at all.

I would say if you are self-motivated and are not willing to explore, the course coordination is not an issue for you.

by Ulrich R


The structure of this course is in my opinion is poor. The majority of the course is just a collection of reading material, most of which is simply not necessary.

This course would be better served by clearly structuring the course material, providing only necessary reading that re-enforces the learning pathway.

While I appreciate the work that has gone into the course to bring this material together, most of this the reading material is repeated, the learner is expected to read hundreds of pages of documents, most of which is simply irrelevant. It would be more efficient to simply ask the learner to read a book on privacy, as at least this will have a structured approach. I feel as though the course was very quickly patched together, throwing any pdf document into the mix, that may have a slight connection to the actual learning material. This makes the course extremely tedious to understand, and leaves little room for learner motivation.

by Sílvio T d C


O curso tem poucos vídeos e slides, porém o material juntado pelos organizadores é muito rico. São clássicos no tema da privacidade americana, porém também apresentam documentos muito atuais. Um ótimo curso para se aprofundar no tema da Privacidade dos Dados nos EUA. Além disso, os exercícios práticos são bons para fixar a matéria aprendida.

by Manish T


This course is very good for understanding the starting of Privacy in the new ear and how it developed and till present day what is the condition of data protection and personal information privacy of a person. Thank you Coursera for providing such a great course.

by Mariam S


It is a robust course on privacy law in US. Hats off to the Professor for designing such an amazing course

by Fazl E H B L ( Y S U


Good to know about privacy in USA.

by Francesco P



by Sohan L B



by Bijaya B


This course was awesome. Learned a lot about privacy laws in the USA. This also gave me prespetive on two school of thoughs regarding privacy; privacy as economic ommodity and privacy as fundamental human rights. For me personally i think we should take privacy as fundamental human rights and not as mere economic commodity.

by K V


This is my second course as part of Specialization. Video lectures are (un)surprisingly short (yet informative). But reading materials are excellent. While it took me a while to go through them, it was definitely worthwhile. All in all very informative course.

by Francos G S A


Nice course... pls revise instructions on how to answer the first 3 questions... quite confusing

by Eamonn F M


Many of the lectures features quite unprofessional delivery/errors

by Jelle F H


The English language skills and presentation skills of the presenter are so bad. That makes it really difficult to follow and hard to grasp the content.