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ミシガン大学(University of Michigan) による Pythonデータ構造 の受講者のレビューおよびフィードバック



This course will introduce the core data structures of the Python programming language. We will move past the basics of procedural programming and explore how we can use the Python built-in data structures such as lists, dictionaries, and tuples to perform increasingly complex data analysis. This course will cover Chapters 6-10 of the textbook “Python for Everybody”. This course covers Python 3....
Excellent instructor


Helpful assignments





This was a super-fun course! The materials were very easy to follow, and delivered in a very friendly and engaging manner. I highly recommend this course to anyone just getting started in programming.



I feel incredible that I knew almost nothing about programming just a month ago. Now I have done two of the courses of the specialization and I can actually understand other basic codes. Great course!


Pythonデータ構造: 76 - 100 / 10,000 レビュー

by June V T C


Dr. Chuck is hands-down the BEST MOOC instructor I have ever encountered (I've gone through more than 10 instructors). I have ZERO background in computer programming, but Dr. Chuck has a detailed, non-intimidating way of breaking down concepts to make them easy to understand. Plus, he is such a delight! I love all the bonus videos and his tips regarding building connections and meeting people. These two intro courses have made me realize that programming can actually be fun, despite the stereotype (at least where I'm from). I am amazed that I could still actually learn how to code from scratch, despite 8 years of work in an unrelated field, and it's all thanks to Dr. Chuck. I'm excited to learn more programming and how I can apply it or possibly shift to a career that involves programming and data.

by Shubham C


This is one of the best course you can take if you want to learn programming for fun.

This course primarily focuses on programming and it will help you to introduce you with python data structures.

The exercises are beginner friendly and you will enjoy while solving them. Quizzes are also good and help to understand everything.

The main part of the course is an instructor. Believe me Dr. Chuck is the one of the best teacher you can ever learn from. Their way of explaining complicated concepts in easy way is very good. Their explanation will simplify most of the things and soon python will be your favorite language.

I will not recommend this course if you are not new into python data structures. Also if you are student and want learn python along with logic, this course might disappoint you.

by Dr. T K M


First of all, I would like to thank the instructor, Prof. Chuck! for such a wonderful course. It was nicely designed and all the concepts were well explained.

It would be great if Prof Chuck tries to include the following points (people like me with a scientific background would find it very helpful):

I would like the instructor to explain that in what respect python is different from other languages. Particularly I'm interested in the scientific computing aspects of Python.

What are the differences between a scripting language and a programming language?

I've heard Python is not suitable for scientific programming as it is slow compared to Fortran or C. Is it true? If so why?

Thanks in advance! Wish Prof Chuck all the best!

by Christopher J E


I would like to see comments in the forums from the teaching staff be more constructive. I asked a couple questions and reviewed other posts as I suspected I was having the same issues other may have been having. I saw many comments that were "Why are you doing this.....?" or "Refer to the free text book...." For myself I have the text book up and if I have a question that is the first place I go. In my opinion telling a student to go back to the "free" text book is not necessarily helpful. Just a thought.

Overall I found the course to be very good and the concepts explain in the lecture and book to be presented very good. I am enjoying the classes and appreciate the time and effort it took to put this class together.

by David A M


The class was really wonderful! Dr. Chuck does such a good job explaining the concepts, with slides and video mixed together, that you don't even have to watch the videos multiple times. (if you're paying attention and taking occasional notes) I would recommend the certificate track because it came in handy on a couple of occasions when I had questions. Speaking of, I'd like to throw a shout out to Tamara Brunnock, a member of the teaching staff, for routinely answering my silly questions in the forums. Without her help, I would not have been as successful in this class. The class showed me exactly how data is structured in python and what built in functions we can use to work with lists, dictionaries, and tuples.

by Danhua


Professor is great, and the course gives a thorough introduction to python data structures and isn't too hard to get. The only reason that I would give 4 stars is because the assignments and exercises. Each chapter you only get 1 or 2 codes to write, which can be easily adapted from the codes showed online. I'm hoping for variety of coding exercises to better understand the concepts. Since coding problems suitable for your stage is not easy to find out there on the internet. After completing this I can get a superficial understanding of the course materials, but right now it's still difficult for me to write a simple code using the knowledge covered in this lecture. You need to find your own source to practice.

by tianjin t


I am really enjoying the way the Dr Chuck teaches this class. Lots of thing he uses or mentions about are useful to other very relevant areas as well. He always focuses on the key point of his chapters. I am just a chemistry student, but I think Python program is more and more useful in science research. The examples in Dr Chuck's course improves my ability to ready codes light years of way. I also like his great sense of humor, which makes me much relax in a difficult course. One of the best things about him is that he will demonstrate why some of the codes do not work and how to debug them. I definitely will recommend this course to my fellows and I really look forward to completing the upcoming sections.

by Jess T


This course is a great introduction to Python. As a person with limited previous experience in MATLAB, I enjoyed this course even more than the previous one, Getting Started with Python. There were more new things to learn and I found watching the lectures at 1.25x to be the perfect pace. The assignments are concise and a nice bit of hands on learning without taking up much time. Dr. Chuck is pretty funny and makes you feel like you are totally capable of tackling Python. I only wish the grader was available on quizzes for people auditing the course - you can read them but you can't submit. Beggars can't be choosers, but I would happily click through some ads in order to do so! Overall: excellent course.

by Cristóbal H J


I work professionally as a Front End Developer and was always curious about Python. I really enjoyed this course because it made me play with things I don't deal with often (like parsing and extracting information out of texts) and learned about data structures such as tuples that don't exist in Javascript (which is my programming "mother tongue").

Doctor Chuck goes above and beyond to try to provide a nice experience and throws some great advice along the way. I'm starting to fall in love with Python, perhaps in the future I"ll do something Full-Stack with Django, who knows? For now, I'm just enjoying this and having fun, thanks to Doctor Chuck, see you on "Using Python to Access Web Data" now. Cheers!

by Yijia H


Python data structures is the second course of "python for everybody" and I learned more from this course. I think I get closer to Python after this course. Now I clearly know what string, file, list, dictionary and tuple are and know how to use them properly. Plus, at the end of this course, finally I have understood the case which was shown at the beginning of the course. It was an amazing experience that after your perseverance and diligence of learning Python, you understand something you don't understand before. Last but not least, Dr. Chuck is a very excellent instructor and he can vividly show cases and important knowledge points. I'm very glad I can learn a lot from his online course.

by Apoorva


It is a great course with an awesome lecturer! This course is great place to start learning about python.The lectures are short easy to understand and there are assignments to enchance your coding skills,you mgiht not get the code right the first time but by coding ,testing trail and error ,you will be able to code using python.You have access to some great programmers talking about computer languages in the bonus section and they can really inspirational if you are aspiring to be like them.You code even if you don't have desktop computer or laptop because they provide a program to let you code on the website to complete your assignments but they insist you download python and work with it.

by Elias A B


Thank you so much for teaching us many important information and ways of thinking about problem solving ...

What I loved about this course was the fun and pleasant style of the lecturer, as well as his distinctive explanation, which he started with from scratch and is suitable for beginners ...

But what I did not like about this course is that the translation into Arabic was not excellent, but it was sufficient and we hope to add a professional translation ...

We hope that the lecturer will speak a universal English language in order to be more suitable for people who do not speak English ...

It was an enjoyable course, thanks to the lecturer, Coursera, and the University of Michigan ...

by Joe W


Very engaging! If you're a coder in any other language, this and the previous course will be enough to get you useful in Python. Resist the temptation to breeze through it: you'll learn a lot more if you pay attention. I did.

If you're completely new to programming, I recommend you look at the worked examples before tackling the programming assignment. That and a careful review of the lecture material will get you through. Also if you get anything less than 100% in the quiz, that's a clue that you might benefit from taking a break and then watching the lecture again before tackling the main assignment.

The lecturer is engaging and makes the material accessible. I wish I taught so well. :)

by Myat M O


Nice course! I am a beginner in Python. Now I am being able to write my own functions and learn about the data structure. The video tutorials are pretty straightforward and instructions were provided to scope the problem. The graded assessments truly tested our skills in Python. Though some problems seemed very simple and similar to those that appeared in the lessons, many were quite difficult and involved critical thinking and problem-solving. I have access to all the code used in the lesson exercises which make the graded assessments easier to complete and follow along with. Once again, great course, and I recommend it for the beginners looking into computer science and programming.

by Thérèse N


I am so thanful that I am among the students who got chance to take this course and we met a great Lecturer Dr Charles. I can say, I got blessed and he tried to give us all the accessories that can permit us to feel the confidence in us that now I am able to explain what is Data structure, how to manupilate with files and how coud I use them through solving different World problems. This subject was awesome and I learnt a lot through it not only about Programming but I acquired other life skills of how interacting with your students and make them understand well what you taught by Dr Charles. Thank for Graduation Ceremony I got a lot of Advices that will guide me in my life ahead.

by Jiabin Q


Course Level - Beginner.

My Level - Beginner with course studied in University for C, C++, Assembly language.

Lecturer - Dr. Chuck is knowledgable in Python, he is professional in teaching, he is insightful in learning, he is a fun and kind person.

Cost - the monthly subscription is worth for me as I almost took one course a week. If you believe you can commit that amount of time per week, then this cost is super low for you.

Next for me - I will be learning the next few courses under this Python for Everybody specialization. And after this specialization, would go on with more data science course. So I would like to invite all of you to start and continue learning together.

by Amrutha C


The course provides all the content you need to learn as a beginner in python. Once you learn everything you also need to workout on your own.. i did it. i spent just an hour after learning each module and then practiced it, went through material and understood. The material is very easy to understand, instructor is very friendly and never makes any of the course classes boring! If you are planning to take any course on python, i strongly recommend this course. I really enjoyed it. It was more like a friendly discussion rather than a regular college class hearing some boring content.I sincerely wanted to thank the Instructor Dr. Chucks for providing this course and content!

by Kainka


Excellent course focused on strings, files, lists, dictionaries and tuples making a clear reference to how these can be used to analyse data. This is probably the first time when I finally understood when we should use lists, dictionaries and tuples as I always had them all mixed up :) This proves excellent teaching skills of Dr. Chuck as it is a challenge to explain these things to "newbies"/"dummies" but also for those who already had a taster before to make sure it's all well understood.

This is a second course in the specialization and together with the first one is setting a very good base for more complex assignments that will be discussed in the following courses.

by Rishikesh S


I am really happy to be in this course and more happier to have a teacher like Dr.Chuck! Every Student must have a teacher if not a parent like Dr.Chuck who enacts to be the teacher of their kid. The way he teaches is so interactive and he is so cheerful and supportive from his words. Yeah but I am sad cz' I cant afford myself a certificate. I wish I could and some day I will work harder to earn more and earn myself a certificate from Dr.Chuck. Only a few teachers can give you that spark and support like Dr.Chuck. GUYS AND GIRLS don't miss this teacher or u may regret it! CZ' the course will then be just a walk in the park under the guidance of Dr.CHUCK! Thank You Sir.

by Rohan S


The course of Python Data structures offered on coursera by University of Michigan is a nice course followed by Getting Started with Python. In this course you will get almost enough knowledge in python to write some good code, like you can access files on the computer and extract something out from that. Instructor is particularly very nice and frank type of person. He teaches the course in such a way that you will not feel any pressure of anything during the course. Assignments are also easy even if they look hard at first sight. Everything follows from his lecture, so listen to his lectures carefully and I swear you will not feel boring during any lecture.

by Buğrahan Y


I really enjoyed every minute and every assignment I have passed during the course. Dr. Chuck is really cool and awesome instructor. I am really looking forward to take another course from him. I also liked how the vides are and their style of teaching, especially office hours are amazing. I hope Dr. Chuck will come Madrid or Istanbul so I can finally meet him. Assignments are a bit challenging which is super good for learners to always be able to repeat what we have learned along the videos. To sum up, I can easily say that these two course are definitely two of the bests that I have took, and I really want to continue to the next one as soon as possible.



Anonymous completed this course.

The Python Data Structures course run by Dr Charles Severance has been informative, instructive and overall just great. Having tried to learn Python from a book before and had trouble with it I decided to start Dr Chuck's course, which I can say has really paid off. Dr Chuck provides a casual yet very educational way of teaching, and teaches/guides you through every step of learning the fundamentals of Python programming. I also found the student curated notes catered for the course very helpful for when I forgot something in the lecture.

Overall a fantastic course and I hope to do more of Dr Chuck's courses in future!

by John M


The course was perfect for my current circumstances. I have been working for quite some time and wanted to freshen my skill set. These courses fit perfectly into the busy schedules of modern families. I strongly encourage other associates to consider taking the courses as well. They can easily fit into a Sunday afternoon or after work, if not exhausted.

The content of the course improved upon the first course, and touched on subjects I was curious about but never completely understood.

I plan to take more courses as it develops interests into skills without the HUGE expense and pressure of a degree type program which would not fit into my current life.

by Mohamed H


Edit review Thanks a lot for this enriching course it's been a great learning experience. The course is really made for anyone from any background just like the name implies. The explanation is very simplified yet adequate and very appealing cause of Dr. Chuck's tutoring style and the well presented presentations and content. I certainly recommend this MOOC for anyone looking to get into programming as there's a lot to learn and implement and all that's required is to know the basics of python programming which can be easily accessed and learned in the first course in this specialization.

by Neeraj S


A lot of thanks to the Coursera team especially our mentor, Dr. Charles "Chuck" Russell Severance, whose ways of teaching and experience fascinated us all. Doubt Clearing team especially Tamara, Jeonghwan, Blumenberg Sir. We learn almost everything about Data Structures. We learned about Dictionaries, Lists, Tuples, and the ways in which we can manipulate all these pieces of stuff. We also learned their practical applications also. Really this course has boosted my skills. Probability of getting the desired job has exponentially increased. Thanks for the Graduation ceremony. Hope to meet Dr. Chuck in the future as a successful man. Thanks again.