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What promise do stem cells hold for the treatment of medical conditions? In this five-part online course you will explore the history and basic biology of stem cells, learn about new research techniques, and find out how stem cells could lead to cures for diseases and to individualized medicine. You will hear from Museum scientists, medical researchers at the frontiers of the field, and a panel of bioethics experts who will address the ethical implications of stem cell research and therapy. Learn what has already been accomplished, what challenges remain, and what medical breakthroughs may lie ahead....




Extremely informative course, I'm impressed by the examples and the research potential that stem cells provide. I'm also quite interested in finding out how these treatments will fare in the future.



this course is very helpful for me it increases my knowledge and clear many concepts about regenerative therapy. Thank You all the researchers. it created interest in me in this stem cells research


The Science of Stem Cells: 426 - 450 / 524 レビュー

by Katie A


This course did a great job walking you through information on stem cells. I would not expect someone with no background knowledge on stem cells to fully grasp this course though. More introductory material would have been helpful as well as having the material more broken down, particularly for the lectures from weeks 3 and 4 that were rather technical in nature.

by M. K


Course is really informative and interesting. what could be better are being more student centred and format of assessment, which is mainly focuses on low levels of Bloom's taxonomy.

I would like to mention, that I did not know bioethics of this topic could be so attractive and interesting to me as much as stem cell research itself, till now.

Thank you all!

by Samar A


The duration of the videos was longer than the rest of the courses in Coursera and after a while it could be boring and that many of the topics that were explained were very specialized and it could be difficult to understand in some places, but in general, things were examined from several visions. And that was great!You changed my opinion too.:))

by Nir S


Thank you for all the work you put through the preparations of this course! It turned great :)

But I have to admit, that if there was more material to read in order to understand deeply the biological facts that you lay onsite would make the course much more easier for the participants (if they hadn't any biological background in the first place).

by Sumon R


This course is overrated seriously.This course provide many things such as stem cell basics ,production of stem cells, isolation,application etc.This a research related course .Here you can learn regenerative medicine, clinical research , CRISPR technology ,chimera bioethics.All of these are really amazing with amazing instructors .

by Justin L


Great introductory class on stem cells. Only complaint is that at some points it's unclear what material you'll be tested on from the resources provided. Some quiz questions also seem to be out of order relative to the material presented, or are worded in a way that seems contradictory.

by Susan C


I recommend this interesting course. It provides an engaging presentation of the history, characteristics, applications and concerns of stem cells and related technologies. The quizzes, however, sometimes expected knowledge not provided during the course (readings or videos).

by DrPavani T


Few questions are controversial and have two options. Thank you. Dr. Dincer has done a very good job by introducing the topic slow and steady. She has simplified the complicated topics as well. All the lecturers presented well and presentations are to the point.

by Harshitha


It is a good course, especially for people from the non-biology background. But this is not entirely new for people who have a strong biological/biomedical/medical background.

But still, I highly recommend this for anyone who has a thirst for knowledge.



It was a really eduating course and I enjoyed every bit of it. However, it would be better if they could show us more details of how the creation, maintenance and research of stem cells actually works in physical sense in a research point of view.

by S K J


BY doing the course 'the science of stem cells' i understood the sequence of development stem cell , and its future prospect. i hope that i can elaborate the knowledge from the base which i secured through this course. Thank you so much .

by Aleksandar M


Very good introdoctury course to the science of stem cells. It is very concise, informative and gives good overview of what has been going on in the field recently. Personally, I wish it could be a little longer and a bit more interactive.

by Nivedha M S


Very informative course. I totally loved the concept of stem cells and the several ethical issues associated with it. I just felt that some modules were lengthy and could have been split into many videos. A very good course otherwise.

by Cristina T


A very interesting course, it has 5 modules and the first 4 modules are great, but number 5 is a talk between scientists where many times what they are talking about is not well understood. But overall a good course

by Akshay B K


Would've liked to know more about the factors used to differentiate individual cell lines and more about iPSC. Also, would prefer to know more about using stem cells to treat trauma related medical conditions.

by Manvi G


Ofcourse it was the most amazing course i have ever attended but still i am taking a star as i noticed that somewhere in between of the course we went off topic for a while, otherwise everything was perfect

by Panagiotis G


Great lecturers and an overally useful introduction to the basics of stem cell biology, although this is marketed as an intermediate course and i'd like it to contain more advanced knowledge.

by Marina O


Good for reminding notions about stem cells. Explain well the ethical issues of stem cells research. Gives you a hint of topics that you can learn/study after finishing this couse.

by Muhamad A B A B


Very basic introductory course with limited notes/supplementary reading materials. The quizzes are a bit difficult as they are quite hidden, not tally with the explanation videos.

by Nerea T M


Is a great course to get in touch with the Stem cell basic concepts and practical cases.

Would be recommended to have some background information before starting the course.

by Tahira B


this is a great facility for students who belongs to underdeveloped countries , to gain knowledge much more about innovative work in daily science.

thank you team coursera.

by Chandrasekar R


A very nice introduction to the vast field of stem cell research. Most of the content was well laid out and easy to understand, hope they develop a follow up course.

by Chiranjit D


Great insight into the science of stem cells by focusing on its applications and ethics. Few potential disease models were also discussed for better understanding.

by A. E H


It is amazing how many experiments with stem cells have been done and how many treatments are already taking place, I had no idea. Thank you for educating society.

by Ayla E


Informative indeed. However, I wish they would go deeper into the subject. For a general knowledge background, it is amazing though. Thanks for the course :)