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By the end of this guided project, you will be fluent in identifying and mapping forces for Force Field Analysis using a hands-on example. This will enable you to map and rate the forces which is important in for validating, preparing, and managing change in professional and personal life. Change happens all the time and in being able to identify factors involved in change and preparing to manage change you increase your chances for success. This analysis will help you if you are in: + Strategy development + Program Management + Project Management + Business Process Re-Engineering + Product Development + Organisational Development And much more. On a personal level this analysis can help you to map Forces for Change and Forces Against Change for different settings. For example: + Competing in sports + Having a professional goal + Developing a good habit Furthermore, this guided project is designed to engage and harness your visionary and exploratory abilities. And further equip you with the knowledge to utilise the learned concepts, methodologies, and tools to prepare for change in various settings....

Change Leadership: Developing Force Field Analysis in Miro: 1 - 1 / 1 レビュー

by Mardell D